A New Day. A New Blog.

Hello? Anyone out there?

Well, if you are, big news! Today I launched a new website/blog:

That means this will be the last post on this site. Everything has been transitioned over there. And even a new blog post to kick it off: Bachelor Living: Home Alone.

Why the change? Three reasons.

1. I wanted to try something a little different (plus, much better name).

2. It gives me a feeling of starting over, without actually having to start over. (plus, a much better name).

3. With a new site comes the energy to write more (plus, a much better name).

Thank you for reading here – and I hope to see you at the new diggs!


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Flippy Floppies

I approached a writer who/whom I find immensely talented, and asked her to ghost-write a blog post for me. I promised her all the high-fives in return. This was the verbatim result:

photo (9)

Ten Reasons You Should Never Wear Flip Flops Anywhere But The Beach – by a guy who wears them everywhere

  1. They say you’re lazy.
  2. They show your toes.
  3. People could step on those toes.
  4. Even the expensive ones are cheap.
  5. People in Third World countries die from not having shoes.
  6. They make an annoying flippy floppy sound.
  7. They attract hippies.
  8. They aren’t even comfortable.
  9. They don’t have any character.
  10. You’ll never hear the end of it.

Sounds like she’s got a strong opinion. And I guess you get what you pay for… although, I thought my high-fives were pretty quality.

Where do you fall on the ‘men wearing flip flops’ debate?


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The Bachelorette: Silver Edition

bacheloretteThanks to this guy, and this gal, and this podcast, I’ve been watching The Bachelorette this season. (I KNOW.) I won’t recap this last week’s episode (you can find an excellent one here), but a too large portion of the episode focused on an old couple –completely unrelated to the show. In my complaints to Jamie, a new show was birthed…  Read the rest of this entry »


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Decision Time

I’m a huge fan of advice. I typically ask for some about even the most mundane things, like what I’m having for lunch tomorrow (if you have any ideas, hit a brother up.). Most of it is just temporary in nature, nothing worth writing down or even repeating. But every once in a while, one piece of advice buries its way into your heart like… a gopher. And like a gopher it roots around in there, digging tunnels, ruining well manicured lawns, and… I forgot where I was going with this analogy.

But the point is sometimes this one bit of advice sinks in, and unlike a gopher, it just feels right. It resonates with your soul, with your being. It becomes a mantra, of sorts, completely altering the trajectory of your life. The earliest one I can remember from my own life were the wise words of my mother, spoken over me my 6th grade year. I can remember them just like it was yesterday…

“Jason, I bought this deodorant for you. USE IT.”


That wasn’t the only gem I stole from mi madre. Here’s another I tweeted a few days ago: Read the rest of this entry »

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Groupon Dating

CaptureIt’s no secret that most of my friends are continuously trying to marry me off, set me up, and pawn me off on any girl they meet. The dedication and laser focus they all share really is commendable. It took an interesting twist last week when I received this text:

“Can I set up an online dating profile for you on [blank]? I just saw a Groupon for it.”

This brought up so many questions for me…

Would I be comfortable telling my future kids I met their mom via coupon?

Do I want to be matched with people who are so cheap they would only join after using a coupon?

Wait, I’m that type of person… Could I handle a female version of me?

The answer to all of the above is the same as I gave that helping friend… No.

But what if, just what if, I said yes? What if I said yes to Groupon entering my world of dating? Is it like a vampire, once invited in, you’re doomed? Can my dating world be more doomed than it is at current, anyway?

Would my date be impressed with my financial savvy as I whip out a Groupon for 1/2 off at Bucky’s BBQ? I say yes. Saving on BBQ is always a win, right ladies?

Before we all know it, I’m having a Groupon themed wedding. Discounted tux rentals, cupcakes priced 12 for 24. Flower arrangements. Catering services. Don’t worry, you’re invited. I got the location at a steal of a price.

Opening wedding gifts of two-for-one spa days, green fees at the local golf course at half the price, 66% off cell phone repair, Brazilian waxes for pennies. Grouponed merchandise of Omaha steaks and a 100″ pearl necklace.

The honeymoon? Groupon Getaways, naturally! Here we come, St. Croix!…but not during the blackout dates… which looks like most of summer…and winter. The savings is WORTH IT.

On second thought, financially, this might be the best decision I could make! Additionally, maybe that dating website would pay for me to be on their commercials. Which would be great because I just saw this Groupon about these archery classes…

What’s the strangest Groupon you’ve purchased?

Many thanks to Jamie for her help with this idea… meaning this is almost a verbatim transcript of a conversation we had. Check out her site.


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Thoughts and Reaction to Boston

bostonI wrestled a lot with whether or not to address the recent events in Boston it on here. There’s been so much said, written, and discussed already. I decided I needed to – if only to organize my own thoughts and feelings.

Then I found I had no words.

Tragedies have this paralyzing effect on me. Upon hearing the news, it was hard for me to focus on anything else. I craved more information, more updates, reading and re-reading news outlets and social media.

Sitting in my office, eyes watering, looking at picture after picture after video.

And this is Boston?

Blood-stained sidewalks. Agony. Terror.

How is this Boston?

There’s bombings in other parts of the world, but…. this is Boston.

It was a sickening feeling sitting there. I remember past tragedies – OKC, NYC – but this one hit much harder for some reason. Maybe it’s being older, understanding the full weight. The full horror. The full loss. It made me sick to my stomach.

And then there was fear.

Fear that we are not exempt from the terror that most of the world lives with. Fear that the control I feel over my life is truly just an illusion. Fear…that there will be a next.

And then anger.

Anger at the person behind this. Anger that something could drive someone to this. Anger…that this world is evil and broken.

And then sadness.

Sadness for the pain. Sadness for the loss. Sadness…realizing that I, too, am evil and broken.

And then hope.

Hope in humanity. Hope in love. Hope… that there is more than this

Hope that, one day, this will all be made right.

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Candy, Chad, and the End of the World.

(Note: I’m terrible at blog titles. This one is a prime example. Early apologies.)

Today, my hope for the future of humanity was extinguished.

Hyperbole, you say? No, say I. Truth. Fact.

We are doomed.

There a few simple things in life that I find a crazy amount of pleasure in: brand new socks, all types of ice cream, Lost, and…

Laffy Taffy.

If you’re not familiar with the candy, what are you doing with your life??

Is it the best candy ever? No.

Top 5? No.

Top 15? Not ever.

However, there’s no better way to deliver a jolt of artificial banana flavor to your system like a fun-sized, individually wrapped Laffy Taffy. And when Laffy Taffy says “fun-sized” they mean it! Laffy is more than just half their name, it’s a way of life. They put two jokes on the outside of their wrapper, because they believe you deserve more than just an incredibly hard candy. You deserve to laugh….er, laff.

Candy and jokes?! Are kidding me?! What a great combo!

Are these jokes the greatest? No. No stand-up comic is going to be ripping off Laffy Taffy. These are cheesy jokes, sent in by children, students, and little ones across the country.

Here’s my favorite:

Q: What do you do with a sick bee?

A: Take him to the ‘Wasp-ital!’

Classic, right? These little chuckles get me through the day.


This little “gem” (if we can call it that) was discover today:

photo (8)

Wow, Chad D. of New Bedford. Wow. That’s…terrible. Your parents let you send that in? I bet your room is filled with participation trophies too…

This is what kids find funny?! This is humor to this next generation?! “MAYBE”?! Children are our future! I heard a celebrity ensemble sing it, so it must be!

Does the fault lie with Chad D’s parents? Society? A poor public school system? Canada?  I don’t know, but if this is a sign of things to come, Nuclear/Zombie/Cylon Apocalypse is not far behind.

I had to eat THREE more pieces just to make up for this.

We are doomed.



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